General guide on Other ED drugs to treat impotence in youth

Millions of men tend to be affected by the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) but the same can also happen in youth. Cialis is one of the top drugs used to manage this condition. Other ED meds too can be administered to get over the erectile issues and these include Viagra and Levitra. The problem of impotency in young men is definitely treatable with the help of these ED drugs.

ED in young men is not a common phenomenon but it does occur and there may be many reasons for this. The condition was generally seen as something that happened due to aging and also certain health problems that develop during middle-age. The drugs Viagra and Levitra are strong contenders for ED patients young or old as they work to specifically aid in overcoming erectile issues.

Treating impotence in youth with ED medications

As with any health issue, the cause of the problem is found and treated accordingly. ED is usually a symptom of some other health condition, which needs to be diagnosed. In youth, the cause of ED usually attributed to is psychological problems. Teenagers and young adults can also experience trouble getting an erection due to excessive cycling, low testosterone levels, spinal cord injury, using antidepressants, excessive alcohol consumption, and pelvic trauma.

Viagra and Levitra are drugs that are not approved for use in anyone below the age of 18, but those eligible may take the suitable ED medication with the help of the doctor. Of course, the ED drugs do actually cure the problem but they can help in getting strong and sustainable erections while the users incorporate other treatment methods to deal with the cause of the problem. Psychological therapy is also important to help them get back on track, along with making important lifestyle changes.

How Viagra can help impotence in youth

Viagra, the popular brand of Sildenafil, has been in the market for a long time now and has helped many a person to deal with ED. The drug is a PDE5 inhibitor that works by enabling the widening of blood vessels to improve the rush of blood to the penile region during sexual stimulation. The dosage prescribed in youth may be 50mg, which may be decreased to 25mg or increased to 100mg as required.

Viagra pills may be used for the short term while the cause of ED is treated. Since there are chances of interactions with other drugs and certain health problems being exacerbated, the ED medication should be taken only after consultation with a doctor. The famous blue pills start working in thirty to sixty minutes, with the effects lasting for about four to five hours. Not more than a single dose should be taken in a day.

Levitra for ED in young adults

Levitra may not be the first choice when looking for treating ED medications but this is one that definitely works. Those who do not find any efficacy in either Viagra or Cialis are more likely to find that Levitra works well for them. The drug has a similar onset and duration of effects to that of Viagra, and varies only slightly in composition. However, the Levitra pills can be used in those with certain health conditions that make it very difficult to get an erection. Of course, the ED drug has to be prescribed by the healthcare provider before use. Whatever be the ED medication prescribed for use, the youth can overcome the problem only by following the doctor’s instructions and maintaining the lifestyle changes suggested for prolonged good health.